LL™️ Indico Leggings
LL™️ Indico Leggings
LL™️ Indico Leggings
LL™️ Indico Leggings
LL™️ Indico Leggings
LL™️ Indico Leggings

LL™️ Indico Leggings

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Fashion Meets Fitness At The Gym
LL™️ Indico Leggings

Even with the toughest workout, the LL™️ Indico Leggings won't disappoint you. It has a wide and high waistband to keep your tummy from spilling, but they're not too tight. Plus, they have the right compressive and supportive fit for unrestricted movement. But that's not all. These leggings have great stretch recovery so you'll never have to worry if other gym goers can see through the fabric.

Make A Fashionable Statement

The best part of our LL™️ Indico Leggings is the style. It has a fashion-forward design featuring mesh details that wrap around the thighs. These mesh panels do not only make the leggings extra cute, but they also keep you cool even during the sweatiest workout session. Want to have a matching top for the LL™️ Indico Leggings? Check the LL™️ Indico Sports Bra.

LL™️ Indico Leggings

Buttery Smooth Cotton Blend Fabric

The LL™️ Indico Leggings is not only for workouts. Its lightweight and smooth cotton blend material are so comfortable that you'll wear them even at home.

Product Features

  • Quick dry
  • High Waisted
  • Breathable
  • Fabric: Cottonblend
  • Sizing Chart Below
  • Available in 2 Colors
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