LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra
LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra
LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra
LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra
LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra
LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra

LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra

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Sexy & Secure Fit

The LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra is the perfect bra companion for any workout session. There are
 no spillover thanks to its padded cups and good coverage. It even has a thick and wide bust band to support your breasts. Want a bit of cleavage? That's not a problem! Our bra has a flattering V neckline. The straps are wide for more secure placement on your shoulders. It also has a racerback design so you can do chin-ups and seated cable rows without any obstructions!

Fashionable & Uncompromised Comfort

The LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra has a unique color-block design, making it fashion-forward than most sports bras. But, it's more than just looks. It's also made to help you get through your workout. The bra is made from cotton blend fabric. It is lightweight and feels super buttery smooth on your skin. Plus, it absorbs sweat but dries very quickly.

Product Features

  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Fabric: Cottonblend
  • Sizing Chart Below

Shop The Look:
The LL™️ Eluo Sports Bra is everything you need. It's moisture-wicking, supportive, and insanely fashionable. You can even match it with our LL™️ Eluo Leggings.

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