Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts
Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts

Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts

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The Bubble Butt You've Been Waiting For!

Introducing the Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts. These shorts were designed after our popular Bubble Butt Scrunch LeggingsHandcrafted and improved from the well-known Scrunch Leggings, we began to use Moisture-Wicking Stretch Fabric© to really show off your curves, giving you that natural looking bubble butt! Too short? Click here for the Bubble Butt. Scrunch Shorts!

Get a Rounder & Fuller Butt  

Make your bum appear bigger by wearing a pair of our Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts. Its scrunched up lines and unique V stitching are not only for show. They have one purpose - to give your behind a plumper appearance. How about the front? You’ll get a high waistband with the right compression to support your stomach area.

Do Squats Without Worrying 

There might be scrunching in between the cheeks but it doesn't mean you won't get full coverage during your weighted squats. Its thick fabric is made for squatting and everyday activities. The scrunched up lines also have strong stitching so it doesn't easily rip apart when stretched. (The leggings demonstrate the squat proof material which is also used in the shorts).

The Shorts Your Booty Deserves

Don't let another pair of shorts hide your curves again! With our bubble butt scrunch shorts, we specifically designed these leggings to support and enhance the shape of your booty.

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What are scrunch shorts?

Like the name suggests, scrunch shorts are shorts with a unique scrunch pattern on the bum. Scrunch gym shorts help to support and shape your bum and sometimes your thighs, emphasizing the shape of your body and building your confidence during every workout or even just around the house. These shorts are the skimpier version of leggings that do the same thing: designed for contouring your curves and supporting your glute muscles specifically, just like their legging counterpart, all while making your butt look great. They have the added benefit of making your bum look rounder as well. The scrunched up lines add the illusion of volume, making your butt look plumper while supporting it, too.

What does the scrunch pattern do?

The scrunch works to create an illusion, or more accurately, draw the eye where you want it. Because of the scrunch pattern, anyone looking will see a round, full bum, instead of seeing a deflated butt- which is usually the case in non scrunch butt leggings. They will hold and secure your targeted problem areas, smoothing them out, helping to accentuate your cinched waist, and control your control the way you want it to look. Some butt scrunch leggings and shorts may even have gathered seams, giving the bum an extra little lift and working to enhance the curve of your body. Depending on the construction of the shorts, they can do a lot more than just make you look extra good on your next workout.

Can I wear scrunch shorts at any weight?

Despite what you might assume, scrunch shorts and other leggings scrunch varieties are definitely for everyone. The scrunch on shorts or leggings will work for you no matter what size you're at, because it works to emphasize your natural curves. They also have the extra benefit of providing extra support and shaping for your tummy if they have a tighter waistband. Just like other gym attire, they will be available in a wide array of colors, so if you're worried about showing a little too much, then you could choose a dark color, or go for black, which is conventionally slimming. If you're feeling apprehensive, you can just have a shop through and try something similar before jumping into a pair of shorts with scrunch- like for example, legging scrunch tights for better coverage instead- until you feel more confident about trying on the skimpier kind.

What should I pick- scrunch shorts or leggings with scrunch butt?

You might feel a little overwhelmed while you search through all the choices in scrunch gym wear. If you're having trouble choosing between leggings or shorts, take into account your comfort, the price and what you're wearing it for. If you're a little more on the shy side and not quite ready to wear something as revealing as shorts on your next morning run, but still want to try out scrunch fitness wear, you could try going for leggings with scrunch instead. Wearing leggings will give you more coverage and can provide compression not just for your hips and bum, but for your calves and thighs as well. Keep in mind that generally, shorts will cost a little less than leggings, because there is a lot less material in shorts than leggings. If price is a factor, definitely consider how much you will need to pay as well. In the end, what kind you choose will totally depend on you- with all the choices available, it's best to consider everything before you pick out a product.

What materials are your products made of?

At LiftLeggings, we use only the newest innovations in manufacturing in our products. Our scrunch shorts are just like our leggings: using a stretchy, opaque and durable material, we ensure that they are high quality while still staying form fitting and perfectly breathable. The scrunch pattern will stretch over your natural shape and support your lower body while hugging it in all the right places. Accentuating your curves is not the only thing they're made for- the high waistband works to keep in everything while the shorts give you an instant booty lift. We test our materials extensively so we can give you shorts that are squat-proof, non transparent and perfect for any activity, from low to high impact to anything in between. The scrunch seams will always reform their shape and you never have to worry about your butt looking flat.

How is the Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts different from your other shorts?

All of our shorts are great quality shorts that are guaranteed to be durable and to do exactly what you need them to, but our new Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts are unique because of their length and the scrunch feature. We have other shorts that will make you look sexy while supporting your body, but our scrunch shorts are improved and developed from LiftLegging's popular Scrunch Leggings. With its moisture-wicking fabric, you won't even have to worry about sweat during your workout, because they can keep you feeling fresh and cool, keeping that sweaty and sticky feeling off your skin. Because of the scrunch feature, they can emphasize the round, full look of your bum, and giving it an instant lift and look bigger in an instant. The high waistband also means you get amazing compression to keep your stomach in and support it during your workout or even just during the day. Being squat-proof (yes, even just as shorts), you won't have to worry about moving around and guarantees that they're perfect for any kind of workout, from high to low impact. The V Stitching also means it snaps right back into shape no matter how much you stretch them out, so feel free to get yourself a pair and see how they do for you today.